Areas of Specialization

These are some of the primary areas in which I specialize. Please contact me for more information regarding how I may be of assistance with your unique situation.

Fear can be of great benefit in our lives. Our ancestors who survived to create us probably did so with the help of a good dose of fear and caution. But sometimes fear accumulates past a certain point, or gathers around things that our rational minds tell us we should not worry about. Whether your anxiety is general or more specific - such as in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD), social anxiety, a phobia, panic attacks, agoraphobia, trichotillomania (hair pulling) - the good news it that there are very effective treatments for all types of anxiety!

Sometimes when we experience a traumatic event, such as an assault or accident, we will initially be quite distressed but find that over the course of a few weeks or months the intensity of the memories fades and we are able to go back to life as usual. In other cases, the memories continue to plague us, and our fear and emotional reactivity may actually increase over time. I have experience treating numerous types of trauma, with a specialty in working with survivors of sexual violence.

Disordered Eating
Individuals struggle with food, exercise and body image in myriad ways and for countless reasons. I have worked with children, adolescents, and adults in both inpatient and outpatient settings. With this range of experience, I am able to recognize and address a truly diverse spectrum of eating and exercise related difficulties.

Major transitions... Realizing that we are becoming (or have been?!) someone who does not "fit" with our family or friends or community... Surviving a traumatic event or loss... Experiencing societal oppression... There are many conditions that can make us feel unsure or afraid of who we are. As advertised, therapy IS a place where you can explore these questions, change your mind, try on new ideas and ways of being, with someone whose agenda is to support your journey, not to impose judgment or threaten rejection.

Professional Consultation / Training                                                                                                           I  conduct trainings on a variety of topics, including: exposure with response prevention treatment for OCD; Acceptance & Commitment Therapy (ACT); and Counseling 101 skills for body workers, yoga teachers and health professionals. Individual consultation is available to psychotherapists who are wanting to develop skills in behavioral therapies or who are interested in strengthening case conceptualization and intervention skills from any theoretical orientation. New graduates pursuing licensure are welcome!