° Telephone pre-consultation: We will schedule a time to speak on the telephone for 5-20 minutes so that I can learn what you are seeking in treatment and you can get a sense of what it is like to interact with me. Based on this conversation I will let you know whether I might be able to assist you in meeting your treatment goals, and you can decide whether you want to schedule a full consultation. If it appears that I would probably not be the right therapist for you, I will let you know this and do my best to help connect you with someone who may be a better fit.

° Initial Consultation: We will meet in my office for 90 minutes to discuss your needs and questions in more detail. I value transparency in therapy, and never want your treatment to be a mystery to you. So at the end of this first hour I will let you know my thoughts on the ways you are struggling and what might be of benefit, and make recommendations based on the goals you have described.  Know that any recommendation I make will be based on what you most want for yourself, not some pre-determined diagnostic program. You and I will work together to decide whether you will hire me as your therapist, what we will prioritize addressing in our sessions, and how frequently we will meet.

Except in cases of assessments or single-case consultations, you will only be billed for the first session if you decide to proceed with the treatment.

*While I offer a risk-free consultation to those seeking ongoing therapy, there are times when a one-time consultation/assessment is all that is required. In these instances the first session will be billed, as it will constitute the entirety of treatment.

Risk-Free* First Session & Treatment Planning

Choosing a therapist can be challenging, even if you have been in treatment before. It might seem overwhelmingly difficult to narrow down a list of potential therapists to call, let alone decide how to choose one. Finding a good fit is very important, but how can one do this based on a few words and photos on a web site? This is what you can expect: